Who we are

In a city like Dubai where development and construction is always at its peak, from high rise, villas to road construction and heavy maintenance required all the time.

To deal with such a Competitive market & increased demand for products & specialized services of various kinds, we have developed a platform for businesses to better connect with Clients & other prospective leads.

Buidlsouq.com will cater to all types of building materials & supplies , starting from bricks to carpets , from Skilled labor to Architects. Everything that you possibly see in a building , Buildsouq, will be your primary platform for sourcing.


Benefits to Businesses:

  1. Increase your Audience by 70% exposure to your business.
  2. Receive Real-Time Quotes /Inquiry from prospects.
  3. Close the deal as soon as you can with our real time Chat service.
  4. Promote your Company Name, Logo, Profile, Products, etc without any boundaries.

Benefits to Customers:

  1. Never again get cheated when it comes to the pricing of goods & services.
  2. Receive competitive quotes from businesses instantly.
  3. From the luxury of your home and desk one could send an inquiry and receive quotes.


BuildSouq will be the  Middle East’s First online marketplace whose primary focus will be on the Procurement of Construction and Building Materials & Supplies. BuildSouq will help suppliers and manufacturers to create an online marketplace to list their products and services at competitive deals. A platform that will be open and accessible to all.  Download the App and you would have features such as submitting a buying request , Receiving quotes & inquiries in real time , Instant notifications through our online live chats & messaging. Buildsouq will be your E-business with no boundaries.

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